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Praying at dawn

lundi 23 janvier 2012, par Pierre Dortiguier

Having a sense of purpose, and great figure
As people can catch from your smile a glimpse of the utmost Paradises,
You make a point of flawlessly doing your duty, unaware
Of the destiny that Allah to your betrayers promises !
Otherwise, I dare to assume that your both Angels celebrate your lovely face
And vivaciously jump over the years to represent
The child you have been, while gentle elders such nice healthiness used to embrace :
But is not taking place everywhere such a wonderful event ?
You have learned that the great road to the truth by dawn itself must be understood,
At this point the sun gets in the gloomy moonlight,
And thanksgiving takes easily place into God’s neighborhood !
But the whiteness of Elborz is like your soul arising so high and bright !
Hearty treasure of northern Iran, when you drive on so traffic full highway,
Just mind through the forests crossed over, to the holy dawn of your birthday !
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